To reach where optical fibre cannot.

It is a well-known problem that in a wireless multi-hop network, the transmission throughput drops drastically when the number of hops exceeds 5 or 6, due to the accumulation of packet loss. To break this “multi-hop curse,” n-hop technologies has developed BATS, a revolutionary network coding technology based on the fundamental research at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. With BATS, the transmission throughput can sustain after tens or even hundreds of hops.


BATS is a disruptive communication technology that can dramatically increase the throughput of a lossy multi-hop network over any physical layer, be it short-range wireless (e.g., Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee), medium-range wireless (e.g., LTE), long-range wireless (e.g., VSAT for satellite communication), underwater communication (e.g., acoustic, optical), or powerline communication. A very wide range of applications can benefit from BATS. In particular, BATS has been successfully deployed in the Hong Kong Government’s pilot smart lamppost system.

Possible applications of BATS include:

  • Smart lampposts
  • CCTV networks
  • Internet of Things
  • V2X
  • Internet for rural areas
  • Edge/fog computing
  • Industry 4.0
  • Underwater communication networks
  • Satellite networks